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Implementing a Reward & Recognition Program: An HR guide

Learn how to seamlessly implement a reward and recognition program at your organisation for employee motivation.

The organisations’ expectations of HR have shifted – from it being transactional to having critical strategic capabilities. Modern-day HR are increasingly being asked to support their wider organisations on a range of key business priorities, from talent optimisation to staff motivation. Technology enables HRs to diminish their tasks and take help of data for more strategic HR decision making – probably why workforce analytics as a discipline is expected to be worth £1.44 billion by 2025.

Managing motivation across the organisation became another tedious transaction for HR. Modern rewards and recognition platforms stepped right in to fill that gap.

While the technical implementation of recognition and rewards platforms is easier today due to advancements like cloud deployment, mobile enablement, and social technologies, a significant effort is needed to design processes that support the technology solution implementation.

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In this guide we take a deeper look at how to seamlessly implement a reward and recognition program at your organisation that motivates employees.

In this guide, you will learn more on

  • Choosing a Rewards and Recognition software vendor
  • The four phases of implementing a Rewards and Recognition software
  • The rewards and recognition implementation best practices
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