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Global workforce management for complex industry needs

Gartner Peer Insights Report – Workforce Management
Finding Simplicity in Complexity

Find out How Workforce Management RETURNS $12.24 FOR EVERY DOLLAR SPENT.

Time& Attendance




Wellbeing at Work

Find out key benefits of using UKG Dimensions for managers

Benefits of Workforce Management

Identify and deploy your most productive performers

Gain real-time visibility into items that are a work in progress

Streamline operations by identifying and removing bottlenecks

Quickly reallocate and optimise critical labour resources to meet production deadlines

Assess critical KPIs such as productivity, efficiency, and direct vs. indirect time

Simplify system interaction with the logical guided workflow for your people with pre-built templates

Develop accurate labour standards by understanding variances between actual and standard performance

Automate reconciliation of labour hours to payroll

USPs / Key Differentiaters

24/7 support for infrastructure outages

Always-on maintenance for application availability and outages

Local Time Zone Support

8-5 Callback support and two-hour email response time to cases M-F

UKG KnowledgeMap™ Learning Portal

Access to self-paced eLearning and webinars

Customer Health Monitoring

Evaluate customer experience metrics so UKG can proactively identify and address potential issues

UKG Kronos Community access

Self-solve issues, access Knowledgebase articles, and open support cases

In-Context Support

Screen-specific, built-in product assistance

Access to Customer Success

Partner with an industry-specific advocate and advisor who will help you achieve your desired business outcomes

Success Reporting

Automated success dashboard provides usage data and success tips


Gartner Peer Insights Report – Workforce Management
Gartner Peer Insights Report – Workforce Management
UKG Dimensions – Manage tomorrow’s workforce today
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Workforce Management
Your people have diverse jobs, unique skills, and valuable contributions — and UKG Dimensions helps optimize their best work.
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