Performance management system

Skills & Competencies

Ensure you keep your top talent where you want them—with you—by identifying and developing high-potential employees for career progression. With succession planning and employee development solutions, you’ll be able to identify, track and develop top performance across all areas of your organization in a way that best suits you and your employees.

Gain valuable insight for employee development and succession planning. Collect and analyze key data—from job-specific to organization-wide—at the click of a mouse. Now reviewing managers can monitor workforce talent quickly and easily and take control. Talent acquisition and development software makes it easy to stay responsive and assign appropriate career and development planning that’s aligned with company objectives.

Attract, engage and retain your top talent. Easily identify your top performers, experts and high-potential employees and use this insight to retain, reward and promote from within to support career progression. Identify and make the most of talent pools at all levels of your business, reduce attrition and build focused leadership development programs to retain your best talent.

Global access for better succession decisions. Get the data you require for succession planning whenever and wherever you need it. A simple-to-use, powerful and affordable solution that gives you fast access to the information you need to drive employee performance, wherever you are in the world.


With the power of unified talent management processes, organisations can bring all phases of employee life cycle: Hire to Retire under one single platform that is accessible from anywhere using any device. Whether you are a 10 member start-up or a global enterprise, TalentOz helps you setup globally benchmarked HR best practices that help you succeed in talent management…(know more)


Empower your people: Help your employees quickly find everything that is essential to sharing knowledge, learning new skills and enhancing every work day…(know more)

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