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Unlock 3x growth and efficiency. Scale faster than ever before. Automate, accelerate and transform with the best RPA solution.

Execute HR processes, hands free

Imagine no more administration

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Members are at the heart of every credit union’s purpose.


100% web-based

30% faster bot deployment

Scale 3X faster

Automation for everyone

Ultimate systems flexibility

Most Secure RPA

USPs / Key Differentiaters

Give HR teams the ability to get the job done, including the ability to save templated responses, to access employee files directly from within a case, and to automate manual work

Quickly generate complex documents

Measure performance to quickly identify opportunities for improvement

Eliminate manual, repetitive tasks for streamlined processes

Reduce the workload for your front-line HR representatives by providing self-service options for employees

Mitigate security risks and reduce compliance headaches


Cognitive process automation for Employee Centric Enterprises. Why Now?
E42 is a Cognitive Process Automation (CPA) platform. The world’s first and most powerful. It’s also very versatile. There are over 180 processes currently being automated using the platform. Processes that needed cognition hitherto only available among humans. When we combined E42 with AI we were able to build that cognition into enterprise systems and have created use cases ranging from AI assistants for employees to report generation for marketing insights.
Process Intelligence for Operational Resilience in Financial Services
This article was originally printed on the FortressIQ website and includes updates to reflect the company’s change in status. FortressIQ is now part of Automation Anywhere, and its offering is now our process intelligence product FortressIQ
How to More Accurately Calculate RPA ROI
RPA done correctly delivers ROI. High ROI. The average ROI achieved by businesses, according to Automation Anywhere’s most recent Now & Next report, is 250%, typically paid back within six to nine months after deployment.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that seeks to simulate and ultimately replicate human intelligence in a machine. We explored how AI will transform learning and development in a previous article. Now it is time to look at AI based learning platforms.
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