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Leading Rewards & Recognition Platform for GCC

Getting Employee Recognition “Right”
Sharing tips and stories to help you achieve positive impacts.

The All-In-One Employee Engagement Platform To Reward Your People





Implementing a Reward & Recognition Program:
An HR guide

Foster a culture of gratitude and appreciation


Configure awarding workflows and core values aligned to your organizational needs


Increase participation with badges, points and leaderboards

Rewards & Gifts

Celebrate every occasion and milestone with rewards and gifts

Rewards Catalog

Redeem points from an extensive global catalog with a range of options

Admin Console

Manage whitelabeling, controls, award budgets, workflows, permissions

Reports & Insights

Actionable insights for holistic employee engagement


Employee engagement and rewarding made easy with Empuls on Slack!
Employee engagement...
Employee Collaboration is great
Employee Collaboration...
Employee Discounts
Employee Discounts...
Unlock your biggest competitive advantage: Your People
Unlock your...
Ideas for HR to recharge the superheroes to work
Ideas for...
60ebdc9660a5cab2dcdd38a9_The employee experience revolution
The Employee Experience Revolution
t’s time for a new era of engagement! With the future of work uncovering right in front of our eyes, we are witnessing employees who don’t feel heard, supported, valued, empowered, or connected, and don’t find any motivation in their work life or to stick around.
612646112ec46f7566aa95b9_employee benefits the way forward
Employee Benefits ‘The Way Forward’
It Matters When Employees Are The Backbone Of Your Business. Learn how Employee Benefits could help you ace.
6126415a77714768b7fa93c0_carving in a recognition rich culture
Carving – in a Recognition Rich Culture
Discover how to create a culture of recognition – 150+ award names and 100+ value badges included.
61264b747b0b73a420a11c90_Implementing a rewards and recgnition program an hr guide
Implementing a Reward & Recognition Program: An HR guide
Learn how to seamlessly implement a reward and recognition program at your organisation for employee motivation.
610cd88c0a9f2d31e99a8308_Employee Recognition (1)
Getting Employee Recognition “Right”
Recognition is important for a wide variety of reasons, some of them tangible and some of them intangible, but all having positive impacts on both your employees and your company.
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