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Cornerstone Recruiting
Hire and retain the best talent

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Preparing Your Workforce for Digital Transformation
Discover the talent development best practices you – and your people – need in order to
futureproof your organization while putting your people in the driver’s seat of their own experience.

Benefits of Recruitment

Better Candidate Experience

+45% Increase in
application volume

Lower Hiring Cost

+50% More efficient
budget allocation

Better On-boarding Experience

+45% Increase in hiring
manager response rates

Faster Hiring

Replace time-consuming phone screens with recorded video interviews that can be taken anytime, anywhere

improve recruiter productivity

+43% More Time Spent on Relationship Building

Quality of Hire

+42% of jobs filled on time

USPs / Key Differentiaters

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Localization – Arabic, English and 40+ languages
Multiple career sites for web & mobile
Mobile Responsive


Realizing the True Potential of AI in HR
The opportunity for artificial intelligence (AI) in HR is recognized, with survey findings from McKinsey & Company citing a 25% year-over-year increase in the adoption of AI in business processes.* However the application of AI for HR is fraught with challenges.
Cornerstone Recruiting: Hire and retain the best talent
Tight labor markets make it challenging for organizations around the world to find and keep top talent. But the right talent management software can help your organization be more than just competitive.
Recruitment and On-Boarding
Cornerstone's Recruiting Suite is built for recruiters, managers and candidates - to help you hire the right talent, fast.
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