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Global #1 Performance Management Solution

How to Close Your Organization's
Skills Gap

Cornerstone is the best performance management system that help you connect employee goals with business outcomes

Observation Checklist

Competency Assessments

Development Plans

Goal Setting

360-degree Feedback

Performance reviews

Using Neuroscience Principles to Power Learning
- A Guide to Success


Observation Checklist

Observe, record, and assess skills in real time to determine employee competency. Automate both recording and reporting.

Feedback and Check-Ins

Facilitate frequent dialogues between employees and managers to drive alignment, coaching and development.

Development Plans

Employees can work with their managers to create objective-based development plans to manage their growth and development.

Foundational Job Descriptions

Build a performance management base that sets clear expectations with foundational job descriptions. Incorporate specific competencies to reinforce goals.

Pulse Engagement Surveys

Gain a clear picture of employee engagement and satisfaction. Understand employee sentiment by leveraging pulse engagement surveys.

Data and Dashboards

Get an accurate, global view of your talent landscape with powerful filters to identify individuals or make better-informed decisions for talent strategies.

Build skills and competencies

Get an accurate assessment of your workforce in order to develop the right skills, and grow your people and business more effectively.

Align your people and business strategy

System that flexes to your unique needs

Get an agile performance management solution with configurable features to match your business objectives.

Performance Reviews

Automate the review process and integrate with goals and competency assessments. Configure everything to your organisation's specific needs.

Goal Alignment

Enable employees, managers, and organisations to set action-orientated tasks and easily track results. Employees, managers, and administrators can all set goals.

Total Compensation

Automate compensation planning and allow managers to make informed decisions about allocating base pay, bonus, and equity awards.

Nurture a feedback culture

Facilitate more frequent, effective coaching conversations between employees and managers.

Skills Graph and Capabilities

Identify skill gaps using 180° and 360° degree feedback, self-assessments, and custom-built competency models. In a snapshot, see a complete view of employee data.

Succession Management

Monitor key employee metrics to recognise high potential employees, position them for leadership success, and prep the entire pipeline to support the shift.


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Performance management Solution
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Ensaan - Cornerstone Performance Management System
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