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Global #1 Learning Management System

11 things Informed institutions look
for in an LMS

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Learning Admin

Training Options

Learning Playlists

Instructor Led Training & Virtual Classrooms

LMS Mobile App

Collaborative Learning


Using Neuroscience Principles to Power Learning
- A Guide to Success

Learning powers the future ready workforce

Scalable learning

Provide your people with virtual and in-person instructor-led training sessions, eLearning, and playlists that work for organizations of all sizes.

Personalized for learners

Create or connect to expertly curated content and build flexible learning spaces that drive engagement.

Foster self-driven growth

Empower your people to learn with AI-recommended content and insights on how to grow their careers.

Learning insights

Connect people-growth and organizational success using reports for individual learning, teams, and skills.

One unified platform

Consolidate to a single system for automating assignments and providing completion records and version control and auditing in multiple languages. Use the integrated purpose-built AI to guide, curate, and customize a personal learning experience for each of your people.

Enable learning anywhere

Empower your people to learn anytime, anywhere with the Cornerstone iOS and Android mobile apps and integrated enterprise and partner apps.

Gain actionable insights

Proactively deliver high-quality learning at scale to your people. Gain full visibility into your training initiative with built-in dashboards, custom reports, and real-time analytics.

Grow your people and business more effectively

External Content

Include content that exists outside of the system such as books, courses, YouTube videos, and more.

Related Learning

Specific carousels that provide learners with training recommendations powered by machine learning.

Registration & Roster Management

Track, manage, and limit registration; record & review attendance; and send email notifications & reminders.

Interest and Waitlist Management

Track employee interest in courses and manage course waitlists. Configurable waitlist rules allow for a variety of automated options.

Interactive Video Learning

Learners can add comments at specific moments, ask questions, view other learners' comments & questions, and view instructors' responses to comments.

Email Reminders

Schedule automatic reminders to employees and managers informing them of open certification requirements.

Follow and Share

Allow your learners to follow their favorite playlists and share their own.

Virtual Meeting Integration

Hold real-time training sessions or record them for later access. We integrate seamlessly with WebEx, Adobe Connect Seminar Rooms, GoToMeeting and Skype.

Cancellations & Withdrawals

Automate training cancellation and withdrawals with notifications and associated penalties.

Instructor and Vendor Management

Add internal or external providers & instructors, and track their information.


Enable and track e-signatures for each course completion. With single sign-on (SSO), employees can utilize their network credentials.


Assign points and badges for completing courses to encourage continuous learning. Leverage a leaderboard to reward and recognize top learners.


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11 things Informed institutions look for in an LMS
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