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With Cloud-based HR Software like the SaaS, enjoy quick deployment, lower set-up costs, plus free technical support and regular updates. Distributed geographically, it leverages the strengths of leading Cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to give you the best security, scalability and reliability. With the complete talent management suite you can experience:

Enhanced, Secure SSO using SAML, Experience seamless accessibility from any third party system.

Configurable Organization Structure/ Hierarchy, Create and manage your own organization hierarchy irrespective of levels and complexity. Map users to one or multiple levels.

Multi-device Responsive, light & responsive HTML 5 design enables your learners to access it seamlessly from any device of their choice – be it desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones – across a wide range of browsers and platforms.

Blended Learning, Create a training program with an e-learning management system, Classroom Training and Virtual Classroom modules based on your learners’ profiles and locations‚ the context of training‚ performance goals and business objectives.

APIs & Integrations, Extend functionality with our comprehensive API library that allows you to integrate seamlessly with other enterprise applications and manage various LMS functions with ease.

Social Learning and Knowledge Collaboration, social learning module, which can be accessed by your learners through a wide range of devices, encourages sharing of ideas, collaboration of knowledge and informal learning.


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