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HR Service Delivery in the Cloud

Choosing the Right HR Service Delivery
Technology for Your Organisation

Provide HR support to your people anywhere, any time while alleviating the administrative burden on HR and providing employees the consumer-level experiences they expect.

HR File Management

Case Management & Knowledge Base

Process Automation

Advanced Analytics

UKG HR Service Delivery Product Profile


Increasing HR’s Productivity

Optimising the workforce

Keeping HR Compliant

Improving the Employee Experience

Adapting to the future of work

Achieve Strategic Business Goals

Integrates with any HRIS

USPs / Key Differentiaters

Give HR teams the ability to get the job done, including the ability to save templated responses, to access employee files directly from within a case, and to automate manual work

Quickly generate complex documents

Measure performance to quickly identify opportunities for improvement

Eliminate manual, repetitive tasks for streamlined processes

Reduce the workload for your front-line HR representatives by providing self-service options for employees

Mitigate security risks and reduce compliance headaches


Why Is People Analytics Important
Over the last decade, we have seen HR professionals all over the world begin to recognize the increasing importance of people analytics as critical to the future of the company.
Turning People Analytics Into Business Outcomes
As business partners, modern HR organizations are expected to affect business outcomes. This is reasonable, considering that we as HR leaders recruit and develop the entire workforce.
UKG Document Manager Product Profile
UKG Document...
UKG People Assist Product Profile
Go beyond document storage to proactively address compliance and digitise critical processes With UKG Document Manager (formerly PeopleDoc Employee File Management), go beyond static storage to active document management, and make HR’s job easier and more efficient.
UKG HR Service Delivery Product Profile
Providing consumer-level experiences to your people through contextualised, user-friendly technology UKG HR Service Delivery (formerly PeopleDoc) makes it easy for HR to help employees, anytime anywhere, from a simple question to a complex event such as a maternity leave.
Choosing the Right HR Service Delivery Technology for Your Organisation: A Buyer’s Guide
Modern HR service delivery for a modern world There’s been a major overhaul of how HR provides services to employees, also known as HR service delivery.
WEBINAR: Fireside chat with NetApp & Sykes
It’s no secret that HR budgets are constricting. Some recruiting teams are also smaller while seeing higher applicant volume for their open roles
Enabling career growth is your competitive advantage
In today‘s environment of unrelenting business transformation, roles are shifting quickly. Skills are becoming obsolete faster. Your organization needs to identify, acquire, and develop the skills needed to transform, compete in new markets, and thrive.
To deliver training that meets your objectives, captures learner attention and creates behaviour change, you need to understand the modern learner. Lucky you! This guide is your one-stop-shop for attracting this elusive audience.
Leverage the Full Potential of Your Oracle Cloud Application Data
Whether you have recently migrated to Oracle Cloud Applications, or you’ve been live for a while, there is no denying that valuable enterprise data is stowed away in the Oracle SaaS environment and other non-integrated systems.
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