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Global #1 Enterprise grade Game-based assessments software

Business Continuity & Risk Management
How to Make the Right Hiring Decisions for Your Business

Engage high-potential candidates with the Global No.1 Game-based Assessment Solution for your organization.

Backed by Science

Candidate Experience

Assess anytime, anywhere

The 2021 Candidate Experience Whitepaper
The Modern Candidate Experience: Mobile-First, High-Touch, and Fairer

Benefits of Gamified Assessments

Science-based insight

Expert Occupational Psychologists and tools provide needed insights

Faster, better prioritisation

Understand individual cognitive skills, competencies and traits

Modern candidate experience

Ditch legacy assessments for engaging and relevant games

USPs / Key Differentiaters

20 games in our portfolio
Tested across millions of orgs
Right impression for gen z, y and millennials
Game-based assessments


How Game-Based Assessments Uncover Top Talent
The holy grail of recruitment is prediction: how well you can predict a candidate’s success based on a limited number of touch points. Game-based assessments provide insight into the best predictor of job performance: a candidate’s cognitive ability.
Gamified Assesments
The Growth Engineering Learning App blends gamification, social learning and powerful, in-built authoring tools to give your team engaging and robust learning experiences.
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