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Our results driven applications and tools deliver real-time answers to Selection, Retention, Succession, Competency Management and Talent challenges. Our Benchmarks and Talent Analytics provide clear to-the-point insights into the future of your organization. The ultimate User Experience is our trademark. We are an adamant believer of a Unified HR Cloud.

Our e-Assessments tools are developed to provide you with clear and objective information in an efficient and transparent way, which offers multiple Personality and Motivation questionnaires, cognitive and ability questionnaires, language tests, a unique Career Coach test including a burn-out test. With the BYTE application you can build your own tests. Our e-Assessments deliver evidence based answers and are available in 51 languages. Assess any place any time – in real time – in our secured Cloud.

Intuitive and powerful solutions to understand and manage people and their talents. Experience our broad suite of Personality, Performance and Competency reports, comprehensive Benchmarks and solid data- and trend Analytics. All reports, models and suites are online available in real time. This in an efficient, user friendly and cost effective manner.

Solutions and applications for the development of People and their potential. Working with our Develop Suite which is an e-learning management system allows you to create flexible individual and organization development programs in a pragmatic and modular way. Experience always the right, tangible and validated information available. Achieve strategic and operational objectives and your development needs at the same time through our robust and handy talent management solutions.


With the power of unified talent management processes, organisations can bring all phases of employee life cycle: Hire to Retire under one single platform that is accessible from anywhere using any device. Whether you are a 10 member start-up or a global enterprise, TalentOz helps you setup globally benchmarked HR best practices that help you succeed in talent management…(know more)

Learning & Enabling the power of human potential. Help your employees quickly find everything that is essential to sharing knowledge, learning new skills and enhancing every work day (read more…)

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