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Are you tired of manually calling countless candidates? Simplifying recruiting shouldn't be so hard

Cognitive process automation for
Employee Centric Enterprises. Why Now?

Finding talent, hiring talent, and then retaining that talent, it sounds simple, right? Find out how AI Cognitive Bots can help you simplify your recruiting process.

AI Recruiter

AI HR Executive

AI Survey Specialist

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The Modern Candidate Experience: Mobile-First, High-Touch, and Fairer

USPs / Key Differentiaters

AI & ML recruiting
Analytics & reporting
Integration channels – Ask Ajita
Employee Assist Chatbot
Candidate support
HCM, ATS & CRM integrations – SAP, Oracle, CSOD, etc
Easy to use
Bot can also assist other functions in the organization


How to More Accurately Calculate RPA ROI
RPA done correctly delivers ROI. High ROI. The average ROI achieved by businesses, according to Automation Anywhere’s most recent Now & Next report, is 250%, typically paid back within six to nine months after deployment.

Benefits of AI & Chatbot Recruitment

Faster Hiring

More Efficient Hiring

Lower Hiring Cost

improve recruiter productivity

Better candidate experience

quality of hire and better on-boarding experience

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