Attendance Management System

Absence & Leave management

Tracking various types of employee leave can create a large administrative burden. It requires precision and expertise in several areas, including legal compliance, employee eligibility, and payroll coordination. If leave of absence is managed incorrectly, then your organization can face large penalties for non-compliance, and your workers may perceive human resources practices as being unfair or biased. This is why you need a talent software suite to help you.

Managing the workforce is an ongoing activity that is performed by the HR software within an organization and may seem mundane and a non-value added activity but failure to monitor the workforce, compliance, and ensure ongoing optimization can lead to a significant impact to the bottom line of an organization.

Workforce Administration solution through a leave management software enables HR to reduce a significant amount of time spent on managing employee’s records and its associated paper work through the tracking capabilities delivered as a part of the product offerings. This not only reduces the time and hassles of the manual work, but also enables your HR to participate on strategic decision making relieving themselves from such operational tasks.

Travel Management

Depending on your various business needs to send your employees abroad or locally, our travel solution will help you handle all activities involved for, during and after travel. Right from Identifying the mode, purpose, carrier, class of travel to managing the ticketing and associated details such as passport, visa, and accommodation, all are handled within the system. Our travel expense forms helps track advances, expenses and disbursement details as well.

Time & Attendance

Capturing of time from various sources across organization allowing employees to easily record their attendance details.

Timesheet Management

Our timesheet management solution will help you set up your customer and project information into the HR database, track time spent by employees engaged in project specific activities for billing purposes.

Claims & Reimbursement

If you have employees stacking your HR desk with bills of LTA, Medical, travel, food and you are looking at a quick way out to sort, approve and process them into payroll, our Claims and reimbursement module is a best place to check out! We do not allow you to design your claim forms, we have provision for eligibility setups against each reimbursement types and formula setups for easy approvals and effective processing into payroll.

Shift & Scheduling

Any diverse organization will need to have Shift solutions that can assist its employees work under different time zones as per their customer’s work timings to support them effectively. At Adrenalin our Shift and schedule software will help you manage the various shifts for your employees; specify the Days/weeks when the shifts are applicable, tag the holidays, weekly offs to the shift accordingly.


Crediting leaves, adjusting leave balances and configuring leaves for employees are some of the major HR tasks for handling absence for employees in an organization. Be it encashing leaves, carrying it forward based on service levels, truncating/transferring leaves, or recovering leave from other leave types and any restrictions in applying for leaves, LOP calculations…all and more can be configured by the HR for all its employees.

Asset Tracking

Right from creating the physical assets in your organization and assigning owners for them to tracking the employees asset request details, allocation information and hand over details are all recorded into the asset tracking forms that are made available in this module.

Zoho transparent

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Implement absence and leave policies globally and locally while streamlining administration. Reduce the impact of planned and unplanned absences on work coverage. Make more-informed decisions about approvals of time off requests…(know more)

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