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We take care of all your HR activities while you take care of your employees. Zoho People is an HR Software that lets you manage your HR and benefit programs from a single place. All while reducing costs, saving time and aligning your HR efforts with the rest of your organization. There are no multiple software programs to operate and upgrade. Everything you need to maximize your human resource is right here at your fingertips in one efficient talent management suite.

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New Hire Onboarding

Welcome your employees with Zoho People’s effective onboarding and help them reach their full potential faster with regular training and development.

Collaboration & Feeds

Your employees can be notified instantly on approvals, change of policy and other important activities. Discuss
them instantly with live feeds and real time collaboration!

Centralized Employee Database

Let your employees manage all your HR programs from a central location, making it easier to attract, retain and reward top talent.

Workflow Automation

Zoho People lets you configure mail alerts, set multiple approvals, create checklists, integrate with third party APIs, schedule reminders and much more.

Time & Attendance

With Zoho People, track time with simplified timesheets, manage your attendance with ease and automate your time – off processes.

Zoho People Mobile

With the new Zoho People mobile app you can Check-in / Check-out at your convenience and connect with your colleagues while on-the-go. Available for iOS and Android.


Centralized and secure employee data

Manage all your HR administrative actions from a central location. Search employees, set favorites, view organization trees and analyze attrition reports – all from a single dashboard.

Save time with self-serve features

Zoho People lets employees update their personal data, skill sets, check-in/out. Managers can access all info about subordinates, have control on approvals, time-off scheduling, and more.

Easy tracking of time and attendance

Eliminate errors due to manual entries. Consolidate attendance data from multiple devices, customize leave types, schedule jobs and create timesheets with ease.

Simplify employee performance reviews

Identify the skills of your employees and the places they can improve. Set goals, gather 360-degree feedback, and review performance; bridge the gap between where employees are and where they need to be.

Automate workflows. Set reminders

Schedule reminders for key events, work anniversaries, birthdays and more. Configure email alerts for probation completion or changes in any important data like a change in position or a department transfer.

Customize. Fit your business needs

Create custom forms for onboarding, benefits, travel, exit, etc. Define functions and connect smoothly with third party applications.

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