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Workforce Planning

Stay Ahead with Strategic Workforce Planning

Build talent pipeline, improve leadership bench strength and increase retention

Rapidly changing business conditions can’t get in the way of your success. Ensure your organization continues to grow and thrive with strategic workforce planning. Effectively manage your workforce through reorganizations, globalization, and the rise of the contingent workforce. Continuously develop your employees to prepare them to succeed in future roles and increase retention through objective and fair pay-for-performance.

Every business is challenged with continuous change. Companies that fail to adapt get left behind. Your organization needs to take a strategic approach to workforce planning so they can prepare both their employees and the company for a successful future. You need to make sure you have the right number of people, with the right skill set, at the right time — all while retaining and engaging the best people in your organization for that future state.

Sound impossible? With Saba, you can proactively address change with strategic workforce planning software and create a flexible future that readies your organization for what’s next.

Align Workforce Planning to Your Talent Strategy


Ensure you have talent ready to step into unexpected vacancies or newly established roles. Continuously build relevant skills with targeted employee development plans and create competency-based talent pools for each position in your organization.


Identify and recognize top performers in your organization and keep them engaged with skill development opportunities and fair pay.


As your business environment changes, ensure you have the best organizational structure that positions your company to achieve its goals. Leverage what-if scenario modeling to test out different workforce planning models, to make sure you are making the best workforce decisions.


Succession Planning

Build your workforce’s capabilities and develop strong leadership skills across all critical areas of your business with competency-based talent-pools that nurture top-talent, and ensure you retain highly skilled and engaged people.

Organizational Planning

Remain agile as your business continues to grow and change. With Saba, you can easily and seamlessly manage your workforce through changes like mergers and acquisitions, contingent and part-time workers, globalization, re-organizations and more.

Compensation Management

Create a strong pay-for-performance culture based on objective, transparent processes. Align pay directly with ongoing performance, and simplify compensation management for everyone.

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