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Travel & Claims

TalentOz is a human resource management system that lets you manage complex administrative process such as claims & reimbursements effortlessly over the cloud. With the specially designed web interface in our HR Software ensuring smoother and quicker claims processing employees can claim items they are eligible for, and the eligibility amount based claims workflows ensure quick and correct processing.

  • Link CTC and Non CTC Claims: to Payroll Compliances engine to ensure unified pay
  • Claim Balance Accruals: empower HR teams define which groups/teams get what eligibility,
  • Batch Tracker Reports: help track claims


Track Employee’s Claims Made Easy

Monitor and approve your employees claim and travel requests from anywhere and at any time. Easily manage all documentation throughout the course of a claim, from photos through to estimates and policy documents. Any relevant files can be safely stored and organized.

Easy Configurable Work Flow and Settings

With TalentOz’s attendance module lets you configure and customize the claim module according to your organization’s requirements.Flexible options that allows you to add user specific settings where you can set permissions for a specific user, set maximum claim, configure claim policy details, import data and much more!

BI Analytics

TalentOz’s travel and claim expense management solutions gives you a color-coded graphical chart summarizing the total amount claimed, the number of employees claimed, claimed amount by various category, total amount claim in progress. With attendance module you can generate daily and custom reports for individual employees, departments and locations. You can also export the attendance report data in the XLS format as and when required.

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