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Timesheet Management

“Time is Money” is a well-known quote by Benjamin Franklin. How well as an organization you manage time of your employees will determine the delivery success of your projects to your end customers. At Adrenalin, our Time Management Software solution as a part of the Talent Management Suite will help you maintain your customer’s base and your project details. It also enables you to associate them to various activities and time spent on each thus helping manage the time of staffs in your organization through an efficient HRMS Software.


Maintaining customer base information

Setup your customer and include their name, contact details, designation and status using our customer master forms.


Build your project master

Using project master setups create the different project you are engaged with your customers identifying their project name, business unit they belong to and project head details.


Map projects to customers

Associate customers to projects and include the start/end dates, billability status against each.


Identify various activities of a project

Define project and non-project activities using the activity master definition and associate it to a project providing the billability, milestone and dates information.


Project role master

Setup the different roles that serve your project: developer, tester, manager and tag each employee to a project role and to their reporting person.


Link employees

Link employees to a single project or multiple projects for a given period of time. If you wish to deallocate after that tenure, use our project team deal location screen to do so.


Daily & weekly timesheets of a project

Have your employees fill in their daily and weekly timesheets using their self service pages, by filling in the hours spent against each activity associated to the projects they work for.


Timesheet expense payout

Identify the expenses of the project (based on the various activity done), by specifying the expense date and amount, against each employee for a given period of time.

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