Time and Attentance

Optimize your global workforce management processes; efficiently manage projects, time and labor, leave and absences; and improve employee and operational excellence.

Although the processes that comprise workforce management, such as scheduling, timekeeping, and leave management, are geared toward saving time, reducing errors, and boosting profitability, the operational gains are only part of the story. Each of these activities touches on matters that are sensitive and deeply personal for employees: when they work, how they work, and their rights when they take leaves.

Time and Labor

Increase the accuracy of time information with a comprehensive and easy to use time recording management system. Create different types of time cards for various, global worker requirements. Display, calculate and review payable hours in real time to ensure compliance.

Increase Efficiency

  • Efficiently manage time and labor globally
  • Increase workers’ productivity through mobile workforce management
  • Improve cost control of your projects
  • Gain maximum insight into global workforce attendance
  • Decrease payroll preparation time by reducing pay errors and adjustments for your time and labor calculations
  • Ensure global time and labor compliance with your company and external policies




Availability and Work Schedules

  • Improve communication by making work schedules available and visible
  • Reduce the impact of planned and unplanned absences
  • View the impact of public holidays and planned absences on workers’ availability


Time and Labor

  • Efficiently manage and record time with a flexible, rules-based system
  • Configure time entry rules and validations to address specific business needs
  • Allow for quick and easy time entry and submission to reduce the cost of errors


  • Supports all types of time entry (punch, duration, exception, positive) for employees and contingent workforce
  • Time Clock support and Web Clock (time clock simulation within Fusion HCM)
  • Flexible approvals to ensure accountability
  • Visually create different types of time cards for different user needs
  • Multiple assignment support
  • Configurable business driven rules for overtime, premium calculations, and time entry validations
  • Integrated time entry with Absence Management and Projects
  • Report time against cost and location codes
  • Mass time card create, mass time entry and mass approvals
  • Send time data to any payroll solution


  • Ensure compliance with company and external policies relating to time
  • Decrease payroll preparation time
  • Reduce pay errors and adjustments by accurate application of pay rules
  • Ensure a single source of truth for time related data throughout the Enterprise
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