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Talent Management

TalentOz is a cloud based HR Software that provides talent management solutions which helps you to search and attract the very best talent suited to your position in the industry.

  • Attract, Retain, Motivate, and Manage: Talent
  • Drive a strategic end-to-end talent management strategy with a single, integrated system for all talent related activities. It also helps you create and maintain position led or competency led talent pools.
  • Gain visibility: into your workforce with talent management analytics and predictive capabilities
  • Draw 9-box grid reports: for Potential Vs Performance to identify your top talents


Reduce Risks: with Succession Planning

TalentOz Succession Planning Service helps organizations create succession plans that retain high potential leaders, build talent pools for business growth, and avoid disruptions caused by unplanned turnover.

  • Evaluate potential successors: Use consistent criteria and common metrics to evaluate potential successors
  • Comprehensive view: Get a comprehensive view of talent that includes past work history, current performance, and future aspirations
  • Efficient talent reviews: Conduct efficient talent reviews with embedded, interactive analytics that help fine-tune talent pools and succession plans

Develop and Retain Top Talents

Know valuable insights into employee experience, competence, performance, and career goals. Identify skills gaps and align development opportunities with these gaps to prepare your workforce for current and future business needs. Recognize high potential employees and help them to develop and succeed as a leader.

Reduce Risks through Succession Plans

  • Proactively ensure your best talents are in line for future leadership and critical roles with succession plans.
  • With TalentOz’s smart 9 box grid identify identify and develop talent pools based on position, competencies etc.
  • Mitigate the risk of future talent shortages by identifying top talents for future roles/business needs and map their career paths.

Increase Employee Engagement through Career Development

Top talents stay where they get right development opportunity. Know the employees strengths, interests, career preference through TalentOz’s talent review tools and assign them to the respective talent pools.

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