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Recruiting. Find and hire the very best


People focused: Our talent acquisition solutions are designed with users in mind – candidates, hiring managers and HR.  We help bring all these people together to support your daily recruitment challenges, improving your employer brand by creating an unbeatable candidate experience through a talent management software.

Multi-channel marketing: Tailor your communications strategy for each recruitment channel, from social media, digital marketing and job boards to traditional print and press, while encouraging interest from less direct sources such as referrals and careers events.

A great candidate experience:  Create a personalized experience that leaves a lasting, positive impression.  Your new web 2.0 careers site can be designed to appeal to a mass audience or specialist candidate populations.

Source  great candidates:  Use your branded career sites, preferred-supplier recruitment agencies, job boards, outsourcing companies, or 200+ social media sites connected to Lumesse TalentLink, to attract great people. Lumesse TalentLink is a recruitment software that ensures that you have all candidates in one place and helps you create global talent pools.

  • Automates and simplifies workflow.
  • Saves on time and expenses.
  • Enhances dialogue between hiring managers and applicants.
  • Delivers seamless transactions and optimal user experience across stationary and mobile devices.

Onboarding. Make it great – from the very start


Engage new hires anywhere, anytime: Help new hires feel welcome and encourage engagement before their first day with the mobile-optimized, self-service employee onboarding portal.

Socialize and connect with your team even before you start your new job: Introduce and engage new hires before they even start. With dynamic content including welcome messages, company history and culture, onboarding videos, etc.

Powerful workflows for all employee events: Maximize the value of your onboarding solution to manage all employee events. Our unique, personalized, and task-driven solution to ideal to manage employee events, including off boarding, moves, mergers and acquisitions, and relocations.

Collaborate with all stakeholders: Onboarding is a team sport. It is easy to keep all stakeholders compliant, informing them of their assigned tasks and keeping progress on track. Tasks can be assigned to all stakeholders involved in the onboarding, plus you can send and receive real-time alerts, reminders and reports to track the progress of new hires, hiring managers, and HR.

Track all activities centrally and monitor employee progress at a glance: Start the onboarding process as soon as offer is accepted, Track all of your onboarding activities and monitor employee progress at a glance, Issue timely reports and ensure compliance, Stay on top of deadlines and compliance issues with automatic e-reminders and triggered messages.

The first choice for a smooth candidate handover: A complete Talent Acquisition Package for a smooth candidate handover: Seamlessly hire and onboard your new hire and maintain a high level of engagement while connecting your recruiting and onboarding with learning activities to ensure new hires get productive faster.


A joined-up approach:   Coordinate employment offers,   contracts, and induction activities in a secure online    environment, reducing the potential for errors whilst   keeping administration to a minimum.

Get integrated: Automated reminders help keep track of   all your tasks, and integration with existing ERP, HR or payroll   systems ensures a smooth process from start to finish.

Be compliant: Ensure compliance with increasingly complex   legislation for equal opportunity and data protection.

Getting started: Build a branded online portal for new hires,   with Frequently Asked Questions and the latest company   news, creating a sense of belonging even before their   first day.

Say hello: Encourage communication and collaboration    between your new hires and their future colleagues before   their official start date.

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