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Inspire Ongoing Performance Excellence

Many performance management programs fall short of expectations for both the organization and the employee. Why? Performance management is treated as a negative once-a-year review that prioritizes measurement over development, rather than an ongoing conversation that uses feedback and coaching to align, engage and inspire your people to achieve the results that matter to your business.

We can show you the way.

Saba’s agile performance management system empowers employees and teams to create their own development experience – all while delivering on your business goals. By embracing a proactive feedback and coaching experience, you can build a high-performance culture that creates value for your people and your business.

Ongoing Performance Management, Your Way.


Empower employees to achieve their goals, develop new skills, and grow in their careers with learning that is connected to your talent strategy


Align employee goals with your business strategy to ensure everyone is working to achieve your key organizational outcomes


Build engagement through a culture of ongoing employee feedback, coaching, and recognition


Use world-renowned competencies and agile performance management processes to do make reviews relevant to your organization


Goal Management

Give your managers the goal-setting techniques and tools they need to ensure their teams have clear, measurable and meaningful objectives that align to the needs of the business. Engage employees with a collaborative approach that provides them a clear line-of-sight into how their work contributes to the business.

1:1 Meetings & Check-ins

Give managers and employees a simple, interactive, and centralized way to track and collaborate on goals and projects, exchange meaningful feedback, provide coaching, and discuss career development opportunities – so you can keep your people aligned, motivated and engaged on an ongoing basis.

Employee Feedback and Coaching

Continuous employee coaching and feedback are at the heart of an impactful performance management process. Make effective performance conversations a reality by giving managers and employees the foundational skills and tools needed to collaborate on goals, provide meaningful feedback to each other, and promote ongoing development and career growth

Agile Performance Reviews

It has never been easier to transform your employee performance review cycle from a painful administrative burden to a collaborative, ongoing and strategic process. With Saba, you can create a high-performance culture where employees are aligned, inspired and focused on delivering exceptional results.

Strong Competency Foundation

Drive business success and enable ongoing performance excellence with a practical, research-backed, competency-based foundation that’s easy to understand and seamlessly integrates into Saba’s talent development platform. Ensure your employees are aligned and focused on the right competencies to support your organization’s strategy and culture.

360 Degree Feedback

Enable your managers and employees to gain a complete picture of performance by gathering 360-degree feedback. Get a broader perspective with relevant and meaningful feedback from those who work closely with an employee to identify further opportunities for coaching, learning, skill development or recognition.

Foundational Job Descriptions

Support employee growth with a solid performance management foundation. Use Saba’s job description software to set clear expectations for your employees, reinforce your culture, and provide the anchor for meaningful, ongoing performance management.

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