Social HCM

Build a modern, social, and engaged workforce by enabling employees to easily build relationships, cross-collaborate, learn, share knowledge, and improve productivity through socially embedded HCM processes in the cloud.

Fuel Employee Collaboration and Engagement

  • Build teams, enable conversations, give kudos, and fuel collaboration
  • Enable real-time feedback, social learning, and instant knowledge-sharing
  • Find and attract the best talent through innovative social sourcing tools
  • Build an agile workforce that is more engaged, productive, and innovative


  • Ensure that performance review issues are resolved.
  • Track the process and keep it moving forward in real time.
  • Identify the best internal candidates to be trained for key positions in the company for
  • succession planning.
  • Prepare and schedule talent reviews and collaborate on action items from the review.
  • Update colleagues on candidate status during recruitment activities.
  • Resolve issues relating to other HR responsibilities including promotions, onboarding,
  • benefits planning, compensation, transfers, performance improvement plans, and
  • terminations.
  • Collaborate with peers who have similar or related goals to achieve business outcomes
  • more efficiently.
  • Collaborate to define, create, and track business goals.
  • Quickly communicate and resolve issues in employee performance review process.
  • Include supporting and related employee achievements and completed business goals to
  • support employee promotions, raises, and rewards.
  • Prepare, schedule, and collaborate on talent reviews.
  • Devise the best succession plans by considering issues of all stakeholders.
  • Identify the best internal candidates for a position.
  • Collaborate with other interviewers about candidate qualifications.
  • Quickly identify next steps in the interview process


  • Easier collaboration among employees
  • More-targeted mentoring
  • More ad hoc learning
  • On-the-fly innovation
  • Increased participation in the workplace
  • Problem solving instead of finger pointing
  • Shared ownership of products and projects
  • Satisfied customers
  • Happier employees
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