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Human Resources Automation

Digitize HR documents to take control of employee file security and streamline personnel tasks


Transform HR from administrator to strategic partner
Discover how content services can propel HR forward

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Digitize employee files to eliminate the burden of paper

Reduce risk by managing employee issues consistently


Ensure employee acknowledgement to remain compliant

Key Features


Remote friendly HR capabilities


Paperless HR and streamlined services


Risk management solutions


The Hiring Experience Platform Buyers-Guide
The Hiring Experience Platform Buyer’s Guide
Hiring is hard. How are you supposed to tackle your ballooning to-do list and free up enough time to focus on more strategic initiatives?
hirevue whitepaper
Science-Backed Hiring: Enhance quality & fairness with structured interviews
Hiring decisions have historically been left to chance, or to a hiring manager’s “gut feeling.” However today, with the wealth of reliable data we have at our fingertips, we have the ability to make more informed, more objective hiring decisions than ever before.
Video Interviewing
Your brain sends hundreds of trillions of messages across different neural pathways every second. These messages are transmitted by chemical messengers known as neurotransmitters.
Video Interviewing
Kick your game-based training into high gear with these 43 tips. You’ll learn: How to configure an effective gamification strategy
science of gamification fc
Why Gamification Works
Game mechanics make typically unexciting environments (like online learning platforms) more engaging. This helps to produce better learning outcomes. Are you ready to get your head in the game?
Fireside chat with NetApp & Sykes
WEBINAR: Fireside chat with NetApp & Sykes
It’s no secret that HR budgets are constricting. Some recruiting teams are also smaller while seeing higher applicant volume for their open roles
enabling career
Enabling career growth is your competitive advantage
In today‘s environment of unrelenting business transformation, roles are shifting quickly. Skills are becoming obsolete faster. Your organization needs to identify, acquire, and develop the skills needed to transform, compete in new markets, and thrive.
Appealing to Modern Learners
To deliver training that meets your objectives, captures learner attention and creates behaviour change, you need to understand the modern learner. Lucky you! This guide is your one-stop-shop for attracting this elusive audience.
Leverage the Full Potential
Leverage the Full Potential of Your Oracle Cloud Application Data
Whether you have recently migrated to Oracle Cloud Applications, or you’ve been live for a while, there is no denying that valuable enterprise data is stowed away in the Oracle SaaS environment and other non-integrated systems.
Upgrading to Cloud
Upgrading to Cloud? Our Best Practices to Archive PeopleSoft or EBS Dats
In this session, we will share best practices and challenges we faced while archiving data for multiple customers and multiple legacy systems. Attendees will also learn data retention practices we encounter with our customers.
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