Competency Management System


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Lumesse EtWeb

Benefit from the dynamic flexibility which is delivered within the appraisal area, covering the full spectrum from fixed goal management to development-focused processes. The world has moved on from “one size fits all,” and with the Perform bundle you can embrace the future by removing the rigid system design containers which is killing your current processes. You are in control of your talent management suite and may build any process in your HR Software as needed and as many as you wish. Leverage process design flexibility to help drive performance and the company strategy forward.

Employee Goal Setting


Reshape performance reviews with Lumesse ETWeb empower Perform. Align employee targets with strategic corporate targets. Managers and employees collaborate on continuous performance management to set targets, review and measure the attainment and fine-tuning of these targets.

Efficient Processes and Automation

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Processes are intelligently simplified in flexible, intuitive assessments that motivate employees and simplify administrative tasks for line managers and HR departments. Meetings can occur more quickly and efficiently, and managers can leverage employee data and templates for personalized appraisals.

Continuous Performance Management


Ignite more agile performance management processes that focus on continuous feedback, regular coaching and pulse surveys. Lumesse ETWeb empower Perform supports the continuous performance management process with a focus on daily or weekly feedback and on setting/updating priorities.