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Leave Management

TalentOz is a Human Resource Information System that lets you promote Transparency by empowering employees to plan their absence effectively over the cloud. In addition, employees and HR/Business get one leave management system with an integrated resource availability view.

  • Best Practice Leave Builder Admin Configurator: Create complex business leave rules.
  • Historical Data availability: With audit trails
  • Multi Modal Engagement: Through web, emails and mobile


Easy Configurable Work Flow and Settings

With the help of TalentOz’s work flow engine, you can configure any complex business rule and leave approval flow based on organization’s leave management policy. Whenever there is a change in the policy, you can update workflow in the intuitive user interface by yourself with zero dependency on technical team. Any kind of unique business rule like half day leave grant, carry forward leave balance, custom leave types, work location based on holiday can be configured.

Integrated Workforce Availability through Smart Calendar

Calendar view is one of the best feature in TalentOz’s Leave Management System. Managers, Business Heads, HR Heads can easily track and view of the team’s availability in near future for operations and business activities. It’s a great tool for managers to have a glance of team’s leave plan for near future and make approval of leave requests.

BI Analytics

Various intelligent analytics available to managers, HR heads to track and view of leave trend, history, plans across team, department and organizations. And the smart tools available to alert organization if there is any unhealthy trend of leave.

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