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Learning & Development

TalentOz offers talent software solutions which support business growth by ensuring trained resources deliver highest productivity at work consistently through competency based needs analysis from their learning management systems. Our scheduling engine helps organizational training schedules be planned and managed.

  • Dashboard View: of Training needs and analytics
  • Learning: Administration, Facilities Management, Attendance Tracker
  • Four levels of learning evaluation: improve learning effectiveness


Training Need Analysis (TNA)

TNA is a DNA of training management for any organization. The system is completely automated to generate skill gap report based on various criteria like position, grade, department etc. Training Managers can use the skills gap information from the competency management system to decide what type of training is currently needed. In today’s tight economy, it is very important for managers and HR to have the ability to measure the impact of training on bottom-line company performance. Competency management systems allow this to be accomplished.

Smart Investment through Competency Based Learning

Organization can ensure investing on right people with best fit training programs through competency based learning through completely automated learning recommendation tool of TalenOz with competency gap from assessment tools.
Make it simple for employees and managers to identify the right learning activities to develop the required competencies.

Budget Vs Expenditure

  • Plan and allocate training budget for every department/division etc.
  • Track the training expenditure at Organization, department level etc.
  • Business Intelligence analytics regarding how much training investment made on each individual employee in a year and overall.

Learning Attendance and Evaluation

  • Capture learning attendance for all training programs.
  • BI analytics to track training attendance % for organization, department, employee etc
  • Pre-Post evaluation to assess the effectiveness of training program
  • Assess employee competence improvement post training through 360 competency assessments
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