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Knowledge Arcade – Mobile Learning App

The Knowledge Arcade is an engaging learning environment condensed into a mobile app. It incorporates cutting-edge engagement technologies and pioneering learning methodologies to help you deliver training campaigns to your knowledge-hungry team! It even includes access to a built-in game-based content creator, so you can quickly and easily produce fresh training content. The Knowledge Arcade is the world’s most comprehensive learning & development solution created to drive real behavioural change.

With the app your learners can benefit from the following:

– Bite sized content containing manageable learning assets that can be completed quickly.

– A Battles feature which lets your learners compete against each other in Player vs Player quizzes with endless configuration options.

– Clubs whereby learners are encouraged to examine their own experience, apply learning and share their knowledge with their colleagues within a community.

– The Knowledge Arcade is so flexible, you can create an app for almost any training or employee engagement need. Just get in touch with Ensaan and we’ll create your perfect app!

– Game based learning where learners are able to have fun and play mini-games such as whack a mole, bubble blaster and mountain master whilst interacting with relevant training content.

– Custom branding which makes your mobile learning app reflect your company’s branding, creating a relevant learning environment for your people.

– Push notifications which are extremely powerful and encourage learners to interact with their learning platform on a more frequent basis.

– Robust administrator tools so admins have access to a lean desktop suite letting them easily manage all aspects of the mobile training initiative.

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