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Introduction/Our Story

Are you struggling to engage your employees? This is the year you unleash the potential of your learners, and Growth Engineering and Ensaan Technologies are here to help. You can finally build an immersive learning environment that feels like your organization’s home and has employees returning to it again and again!
Growth Engineering are learning technology specialists, founded in 2004 and headquartered in the UK. They’re laser-focused (to the point of obsession) on making learning more fun and engaging, thereby helping learners to unleash their inner superheroes. They’re learning solutions have helped global companies like Loreal, Samsung, BT,  Flight Centre and TechData to get a better return on their training investment.
With over 50+ awards to their name, including “Learner Provider of the Year in 2016” Growth Engineering has helped create award winning learning environments for customers who need an engaging learning community.

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