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A 24×7 Personalized Assistant for every employee!

NLPBOTS® powered HR Assistants help employees with their queries on HR Policies and benefits, managing complex functions like payroll software, leave management systems, reimbursements and compensation management, Learning management systems etc. It helps the enterprise to get feedback and measure employee happiness through surveys and notifications. Employees can also transact with department/role specific data.


Integrates with global HRMS, LMS, DMS etc., ( SAP success factors, neocase, workday, share point, TALEO, active directory etc.)socialdeficon


Quick set up & configurations integrations with policy & process documents in pdf, excel, word etc.


Data insights on system performance, trending topics, employee mood analysis etc.

True AI NLP that is customizable & scalable with your business.

1. Varied use cases

Users can interact with NLPBOTS® to ask about company policy that relates to them, leave and benefits information and much more. The system can be configured to offer personalized information depending on the user profile/level in the organization.

2. Transaction management

Employees in any enterprise can now easily manage transactions related to HR. Leave applications, claim reimbursements, payroll process related actions, etc., are easily managed by the AI NLP powered system.

3. Intelligent algorithms

NLPBOTS® powered HR assistants have deep learning capabilities in addition to their NLP driven conversational abilities, that make them intelligent like no other. NLPBOTS® learn from every interaction across various functions and uses the learning to further personalize the overall experience for each user and/or function.
For eg: if more users apply for a type of reimbursement or claim at a particular time of the month, the system will learn to prompt that facility to a particular profile of users over time.

4. High user engagement

Highly personalized and intuitive interactions make NLPBOTS® powered enterprise applications highly utility based, and focused on delivering value in terms of user delight in addition to process and cost efficiency. Customizable experiences across business functions make the system powerful for a wide range of users.

5. Easy integrations

NLPBOTS® easily integrates with globally popular enterprise HR products such as HRMS, LMS, ATS,DMS, etc. This helps enterprises leverage user and process data to deliver highly focused experiences across their Automation initiatives. NLPBOTS® powerful algorithms work with both structured and unstructured data sources to deliver potent application experiences. Integrations via Web Services and APIs are available for the following products, with many more being added.

6. Omni-channel

NLPBOTS® integrates with your website, mobile applications as well as collaborative or social platforms. Leverage the power of intelligent bots across Slack, Facebook, Skype, Telegram and more.

Business Advantages

  • Simple pricing structure, independent of APIs and number of transactions.
  • The HR assistant scales with your business needs.
  • Get data insights about employee satisfaction.
  • Reduce escalations and time to resolve tickets.
  • Fewer resources manage a larger employee base which helps the HR concentrate more on employee well being and retention.

Employee Advantages

  • 24/7 automated support.
  • Personalized interactions.
  • Quick answers regarding policy queries, leaves, benefits and much more.
  • Faster and easier transactions.

Let your employees feel the Love

Build an efficient and happy workplace with useful automation of conversations and processes.

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