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HR Analytics

HR today is expected to be a strategic enabler for the business while still being a transactional powerhouse. For HR to be a strategic enabler, the need of the hour is to be able to support quick decision making through extensive analysis of information captured about the employees of the organization through a fast and efficient talent management suite of HR Software.

With Adrenalin’s HR Analytics solution you can enhance your decision making having the right data at the right time thanks to our Talent Management Solutions.


  • Gain insights into your employee data, such as:
  • Hires as a percentage of total employees
  • Gender, Age, Geographical, Qualification based insights
  • Separation by length of service
  • Separation by reasons
  • Cost per participant for Talent development
  • Improve workforce profitability by making decisions better and faster, having access to true insights. HR Analytics enables HR to transcend from the transactional role to the strategic role expected by a modern management. Analytics provided by Adrenalins HCM provides a proactive knowledge about the trends within the organization and enables action planning to mitigate challenges faced by an organization.
  • In most organizations, data is stored in various places and in various formats making it difficult for reporting or for any useful interpretation. Adrenalins HCM captures all HR data in a single unified system from which any information/ reports that are necessary to run a business can be quickly and easily accessed.
  • Reports are easy to create, to use and provide great insights & visual representations on employee’s data such as attrition, joining, headcount or any basic employee detail.
  • Using these reports, charts and graphs, HR can effectively gauge the performance of the organization, leaders, and employees and make relevant decisions to boost the organizations performance.
  • Adrenalin’s HR analytics also helps your HR identify cause of occurrence of specific actions, their business impacts and to take corrective measures as need be.
  • Reports also serve as a means to cleanse the data to maintain data sanctity.
  • With information on the finger tips, your HR/management is empowered to drive the company through competition or through any organization-wide changes such as acquisitions, mergers, development, or optimization of workforce.
  • Correlating business data with people data assists HR to support their management team with strategic decisions to forecast, plan, budget resources needed to fulfill business needs.


  • Improving overall profitability through effective
  • monitoring of workforce
  • Talent insights to improve productivity,
  • better workforce performance, increased tenure and retention
  • Correlation between workforce information with
  • operational measures
  • Metrics measures to gauge the effectiveness of all departments
  • including recruitment, T&D, HR & Payroll that support workforce management.
  • Provides visibility to global HR data for the top management.
  • Assess HR compliance
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