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Hiring Assist



Automatically search, engage and qualify

the right candidates for the job

An AI assistant that semantically understands the job descriptions you feed in & find relevant matches for the requirement from various job portals as well as custom databases. It doesn’t end there; Hiring assist reaches out to the identified candidates & engages in a chat to pre-qualify them as per company requirements.


True AI NLP that is customizable & scalable with your business.

  • Resume & Social Media Parsing
  • Automated Scheduling & Emails
  • Candidate Ranking
  • Integrates with ATS, online job portals, internal and external databases
  • Intelligent bot to pre-qualify candidates
  • Custom dashboard

Automate your entire Hiring Process


Save time and effort

Hiring Assist saves upto 60% of HRD’s time and effort. Extremely fast and effective, fully automated.

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