HCM for Mid Size

Get a complete, compliant, and modern HCM suite for midsize companies that helps you balance efficiency and performance. This proven cloud solution provides the right business intelligence, tools, and technology to drive insight, adoption, and productivity.


With Oracle HCM Cloud for Midsize Companies, you can:

  • Have the right staffing for any growth or business strategy
  • Improve work performance and reduce attrition
  • Improve decision-making through insight and actionable framework
  • Leverage mobile and social technology
  • Be able to analyze overall labor and payroll costs
  • Leverage technology for efficient HR services delivery


  • Requisition management
  • Workflow status triggered notifications
  • Responsive candidate website design
  • Bulk printing resumes & onboarding
  • Interview Schedule Lookup (Microsoft Outlook® and Google Gmail )
  • Sourcing from multiple sites and job boards
  • Links to social networks and media
  • Employee network referrals
  • Candidate management capabilities
  • Workflow configuration
  • Automated prescreening and ranking.
  • Web API integration


  • Broaden your talent funnel to attract top skills and talent
  • Quickly narrow your focus to top candidates
  • Accelerate time to fill; lower cost of hire; increase quality of hire, performance, and longevity
  • Easily modify processes and workflows as your company grows
  • Streamline onboarding to make new hires effective immediately
  • Automate onboarding paperwork and compliance
  • Gain full visibility with end-to-end reporting
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