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Genie The Content Authoring Tool

If you’re looking for run-of-the-mill, wishy-washy eLearning, then you’ve come to the wrong place. Genie is built to create the kind of content that will leave your learners giddy with excitement. It’s time to answer your learners’ wishes by creating full-fledged game-based learning experiences that super-charge engagement levels, encourage repeat plays and drive real behaviour change.

Super Simple

When you’ve got deadlines to hit and learners to amaze, there’s no time to fiddle around with complicated software. Luckily, Genie is an authoring tool that’s designed to pump out awesome learning games faster than a futuristic cyborg on oiling day. It’s easy too. Subject Matter Experts, Content Writers, Teachers, Instructional Designers and L&D Professionals rejoice – you don’t need to be a technical savant to create content in Genie.

Super Fun

Genie even lets you weave game mechanics into your content (Badges, XP, Hi-Scores and Leaderboards). After all, everything gets a little easier when it’s more fun. With a growing library of game templates and mechanics, you can sit back and watch engagement levels soar!

Super Mobile

If you want to drive behavioural change on an organisational level, you need to make your training content as accessible as possible. That’s why all our game templates are mobile-ready. This means that they’ll perform flawlessly on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops. Why not create a pocket-sized learning experience for your team?


Old-school slideshow-based eLearning is about as exciting as a toast sandwich. Thankfully, Genie is the chocolate fudge sundae of authoring tools. It comes locked and loaded with everything you need to blast boredom out of your development program. It doesn’t let you build mediocre training content. It helps you to create content that looks, feels and performs like a game.

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