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Saba – Rethink What Talent Management Should Be

Create a Hyper-Connected Talent Experience

Every company says they want to attract, hire and retain “top talent.” The problem is not that they can’t — it’s that they don’t have the environment to do that in a way that actually enables their people and their business to succeed.

Saba creates that environment – with a continuous, connected talent development platform that gives people and teams the ability to drive their own experience, while keeping them aligned to the performance goals of your business.

Saba’s hyper-connected talent environment is designed to make learning and development, recognition, coaching and feedback a part of your people’s every day experience, so they can deliver their best. And with deep performance and program insights, we connect the success of your people to the success of your business like no one else.

Transform Your Talent Programs and Create Value in Every Job

Transform your talent management strategy to give your people the personalized, interactive and collaborative experiences they need to grow and develop, feel valued, and create value for your business.


Let your people and teams drive their own development experience – learning on their own, from you, and from each other – all while connected to and delivering on your business goals.


Embrace a proactive feedback and coaching experience that motivates your people, improves performance AND connects to your business goals (imagine that)!


Get the employee feedback and real-time insights you need to connect your talent programs to engagement and to business outcomes.

Stronger People, Teams and Companies Starts With a Strong Talent Management Foundation

Empower your people and help them grow their skills

Motivate your people with personalized, just-in-time development experiences. Prescribe learning in the moment of need and give them the autonomy to explore and grow on their own. Then improve the way you measure the impact of learning, regardless of where, when and how it happens.

Inspire Better Performance

Create a high-performance culture through ongoing coaching, feedback and development to enable employees to achieve their goals. Do it all with a flexible solution that aligns, engages and inspires your people to achieve the results that matter to your business.

Understand the Pulse of Employee Engagement

Engage and motivate your employees to bring their best every day and help your business reach its goals. Better understand your workforce, connect everyone, and recognize your people in all the ways that matter.

Stay Ahead with Strategic Workforce Planning

Empower executives, managers and HR teams to seamlessly align strategic and organizational planning, and expertly connect talent to emerging growth initiatives.

Attract, Onboard and Hire Top Talent

Amplify your employer brand. Find and attract top talent for your most critical roles. Then elevate their onboarding with a tailored development and coaching plan that drives performance from day one.


Predictive Analytics and Platform Intelligence

Make better business decisions and get the most from your people with comprehensive analytics across the workforce. Leverage technology that applies sophisticated algorithms to your talent management data and gets smarter every time someone logs in.

Service & Support

We ensure that you can realize the return on your investment on your most pressing talent needs. Our team of experts will help you each step of the way and our support team is always available to quickly resolve any issues that come up as we continue to partner together.


We offer security by design with our robust, scalable, and secure platform and the required people, process, and technology. This includes offering security products and services to support compliance audits and validate the strength of our security program.


We’ve built our technology on a multi-tenant cloud architecture with a highly scalable, reliable and extensible platform that exceeds industry performance and security standards.


We include a set of tested, preconfigured connectors and third-party applications so you can connect to your HRIS, CRM, job boards, screening services, and the latest learning content as easily as drag, drop, and done.

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