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ETWeb Empower

ETWeb is a HR Software empowers employees to succeed.

True end-to-end integrated, people-centric talent management suite. Build on a single technology platform for enterprise to manage, analyze and improve their key processes:
Perform to Reward, Assess to Develop, Plan to Source, Acquire to Onboard.

Get optimum results from your workforce with people-centric employee performance management software. An easy-to-use employee portal interface that connects users to personal development plans, training, corporate goals and objectives, salary and benefits and more. Workforce data integrated across talent management applications such as onboarding, career planning and development, and succession management and planning, providing HR and other decision-makers the insight they need to motivate and manage their workforce.

Lumesse Perform


Employee Goal Setting

Reshape performance reviews with Lumesse ETWeb empower Perform. Align employee targets with strategic corporate targets. Managers and employees collaborate on continuous performance management to set targets, review and measure the attainment and fine-tuning of these targets.

Efficient Processes and Automation

Processes are intelligently simplified in flexible, intuitive assessments that motivate employees and simplify administrative tasks for line managers and HR departments. Meetings can occur more quickly and efficiently, and managers can leverage employee data and templates for personalized appraisals.

Continuous Performance Management

Ignite more agile performance management processes that focus on continuous feedback, regular coaching and pulse surveys. Lumesse ETWeb empower Perform supports the continuous performance management process with a focus on daily or weekly feedback and on setting/updating priorities.

Lumesse Reward


Employee Compensation

The Lumesse employee compensation tool enables employees to see total cash compensation, including bonuses, one time payments, LTI/stock option grants, pension and insurance contributions, expatriate compensation, and more.

Market Compensation

Using the latest industry data and research, the Lumesse employee compensation management system provides immediate insight into compensation levels for your market. Benchmark compensation levels, analyze trends and align employee remuneration.

Salary Review

Set up any number of compensation programs and salary reviews. Secure, easy workflows make salary adjustments, reviews and the creation of compensation programs swifter and easier.

Lumesse Learning & Development


Career Development

Lumesse ETWeb Learning supports individual development and training plans while reducing administrative overhead. Use ETWeb Learning with ETWeb Perform in an integrated learning management/talent management system where you can customize educational programs during employee reviews.

Training Catalog

Build a training catalogue for all continuing education activities. Design specific training offers to address various requirements. From identifying training requirements to scheduling courses, Lumesse ETWeb Learning manages the entire training process end-to-end.

Learning Portals

Configure audience-specific training catalogues on multimedia learning portals. Provide your people with customized, engaging, and varied learning experiences. Increase employee engagement and efficiency with easy access to content and training mix that is right for every individual.

Lumesse Grow


Career and Succession Planning

Lumesse Grow provides the capability to evaluate employee experience, competencies, potential, and departure risk. Identify key positions, reduce the economic risk of vacancies and forestall employee departures.

Talent Conferences

From preparation, through execution and follow-up evaluations, Lumesse Grow enables live online talent conferences, eliminating the need for printouts and enabling managers to identify gaps in succession planning.

Talent Pools

Sophisticated search and filter functions allow you to match the right employee to the relevant position. The search function is multi-dimensional, meaning you can search not just for specific skills and competences but also for any combination of experience, language, etc.