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Employee Information Management

TalentOz is a human resource management system designed to help you build an electronic warehouse of employee & HR data that can be maintained up to date by a highly efficient, standards compliant self-service platform. The HR Software helps you to:

  • Integrate your employee data with the company’s business operations and vision
  • Employees manage their own personal information with HR controls in place

employee profile

Know Your Employee Better

Know your employee better with 350+ different kind of information about the employee through pre built functions of TalentOz like Personal info, Education, Employment, and Certifications etc.

Track and Manage Employee Movements

Organization move human resources to required position, department and location to support business/operational needs such as transfers, promotion and deputation. Any movements made by HR function for any resource, all the relevant history is maintained with the system. For every employee we can view the graphical representation of movements with date thanks to the talent management solution.

Talent Profile

  • View talent profile of employees.
  • Identify best-fit employees based on their talent profile. And how much they fit into current position and their potential.
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