Competency Management System


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Competency Management

TalentOz provides HR management software which includes a Competency Management System which ensures that clients meet their strategic objectives by maximizing the potential of their workforce. TalentOz Competency Management system helps to identify in-house talents and nurture them effectively.

  • Industry acclaimed preloaded competency libraries: To create position profiles.
  • Self-service platform: Enables the employee to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses


Recruit Right People by Competency Based Approach

HR/Line Managers can improve their recruiting efforts through TalentOz’s competency based interview assessment tools. Once the skills needed for good performance are identified, HR and/or Line Managers can use selection tests that will assess those specific competencies. This will save the company money and time because it will help to ensure that the right candidates are being selected for the jobs. A comprehensive skills inventory also supports project staffing. Matching skills to project requirements can reduce overall risk and leverage under-utilized talent.

Improve Employee Performance & Engagement

  • Easily evaluate your employees’ demonstration of key competencies through performance appraisal or independent competency assessment of your choice. Provide employees with truly meaningful feedback so they understand what’s expected of them, and assign targeted development plans based on competency gaps. Use our extensive competency library including behavioral or technical. Variety of rating options available with the system and you choose which fits to your organization.

Skill Inventory & BI Analytics

  • Know the workforce strengths and plan for the future business needs
  • View and track talents trend in particular/a group of competency
  • Accelerate business through competent workforce by filling competency gaps
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