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Claims & Reimbursements

As a HR policy, many companies allow employees to claim for expenses they have made, which may include leave travel allowances, medical reimbursements, local conveyance, and food expenses during travel, etc. To effectively handle This Expense Management System processing through payroll or in adhoc mode, Adrenalin’s claims and reimbursement compensation management software provides various setups and forms to assist your employees to request and receive the same.


Eligibility setups definitions

Using our eligibility setups definitions, to setup the annual eligibility and monthly ceiling limits against each reimbursement category.


Formula setup

Our formula setup forms will help you define the formulas for approving identifying approvers, the number of approvers based on the amount claimed.



Have your employees avail their self-service to choose the claim type, provide the claim details such as bill number, amount, upload necessary documentation and submit for approval.


Processed for payroll

Depending on the claim type the eligibility and formulas for approval the claim will be routed the respective approvers and processed for payroll.

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