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Candidate Assesment

ASSESS for INSIGHT, Anywhere any time in real-time.

Our broad offering of in-house developed e-Assessments provide clear and objective information in an efficient way. We assess Personality, Performance, Behaviour, Motivation and Competencies, across all industries and functions.

Performance Questionnaires

The Thalento® Performance Questionnaires map behaviour criteria and traits that determine professional behaviour and performance. They measure 30 Personality and Motivation criteria/indicators. It is the basis of a broad offering of reports.

Cognitive Tests

Thalento® offers a comprehensive range of Cognitive Tests. All our Cognitive Tests are uniquely composed from a RANDOMISER database and can be equipped with a VALIDATE module, to ensure reliable online results.

Ability Tests

Thalento® has a comprehensive range of Ability Tests. They are developed to measure performance in functional tasks in a professional setting.

Language Tests

Thalento® offers a unique and fully integrated e-Language Suite. Currently, the language suite consists of 5 languages that can be accessed in Thalento® Cloud.
English – French – German – Spanish & Dutch.

Competency e-Assessment

The Thalento® CUBES Competency Assessment is based on an integrated and automated e-Assessment. The Competency assessment delivers objective and validated information on the professional level of functioning and the typical behaviour style in no less than 38 Competencies.

Career Assessment – CareerCoach

The CareerCoach e-Assessments are the result of a unique cooperation between Thalento® – CareerCoach and the UA (University of Antwerp). They provide valuable and documented insights into 3 major and complementing Career domains:

  • Career values
  • Career attitudes
  • Energy & Stress Balance

I-rater Questionnaire

The Thalento® I-Rater is a self rating questionnaire based on the CUBES Competency Model. You can review any of the 52 competencies, understand the behaviour style and map functional traits from the participant’s perspective.

Situational Judgement Test

Our Situational Judgment Tests are designed to assess a specific situation in an efficient and realistic manner. They are developed with a specific situation or purpose in mind and always in close cooperation with the client.

Build Your Test Environment

BYTE is truly the ideal solution to automate and manage all those in-house used tests or questionnaires. Using BYTE you can create tests, surveys and questionnaires completely to your needs and timing. BYTE is not only a powerful but also a very flexible tool.

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