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People Insights, At Your Fingertips.

Companies of all sizes use People Analytics to make informed decisions and improve business outcomes.

Unlocking Human Potential through
Human Capital Management

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Reports and Dashboards


Organization Structure

Configure complex organization structures that are global. Bird's eye view of role based reporting and graphical dashboard.

Recruitment & Onboarding

Automate and align your recruitment processes with your talent strategy.

Employee Info Management

Build an electronic warehouse of employee & HR data that can be maintained up to date by a highly efficient, standards compliant self-service platform.

Time & Attendance

Seamlessly integrate with your existing HR payroll system and time and attendance management systems to provide you a unified interface for HR processes.

Leave Management

Promote Transparency by empowering employees to plan their absence effectively over the cloud.

Travel & Claims

Manage complex administrative process such as claims & reimbursements effortlessly over the cloud.

Payrol Management

Bringing together multiple streams of inputs, adhering to local statutory requirements, validating the data prior to paying your employees accurately and in a timely manner for it to be managed in-house.

Career Management

Maintain a digital roster of key employee career events such as movements across roles, geographies, positions, projects, deputations etc.

Competency Management

Ensures that you meet your strategic objectives by maximizing the potential of the workforce. It helps you to identify in-house talents and nurture them effectively.

Learning & Development

Support business growth by ensuring trained resources deliver highest productivity at work consistently through competency based needs analysis from their learning management systems.

Talent Management

A solution which helps you to search and attract the very best talent suited to your position in the industry. Attract, Retain, Motivate, and Manage Talent

Performance Management

Paperless appraisals that are transparent, effective and help you objectively rate performance of your staff. Use our inbuilt templates to quickly build and publish appraisal forms.


See How Adrenalin Alignment Works
See How...
Human Capital Alignment An effective tool for HR Value proposition
The future lies in HR, focusing on strategic people management activities rather than administrative deliverables. This paper will help you uncover principles which in turn will help you maximize the benefit you receive from your Human Capital Software.
A Centralized HR Solution for a dispersed workforce
The Worlds largest media investment group, GroupM establishes single source of truth for employee insights across 7 different companies with Adrenalin HCM Solution.
Flawless PAN-India Execution powered by Adrenalin
Adrenalin provided an exhaustive HRMS for all their HR needs. Adrenalin helped Apollo Pharmacy in achieving reduced effort, better maintenance of data, faster payroll cycle, and increased employee satisfaction to boost the company’s productivity.
Creating a unified data repository of employee information for more efficient HCM
Adrenalin biggest value addition to BIC Cello was providing them with a single source of truth. Adrenalin HRMS offered..
Maximize workforce potential with Adrenalin the Robust HCM
The company was growing in numbers and had difficulty with supporting Payroll for Top global organisations and were on the lookout for a system that could scale up.
A move from manual intensive HR to futuristic digital HR, powered by Adrenalin
Bajaj Corp was particular about the type of organization it would trust to transform their HR processes.
A multi lingual HRM Solution to empower centralised decision-making
Adrenalin act as the central hub for all employee related information with relevant functionalities such as defining role players, form level, workflow processes and data level security.
Visaka is now the home HR excellence – Ties up with Adrenalin for its digital HR
Chennai (India), November 17, 2021 : Adrenalin eSystems Limited is delighted to be the HR tech partner of Visaka Industries Limited Founded in 1983, Visaka Industries Limited has multiple product portfolios, ranging from corrugated cement sheets and fibre cement boards to hybrid solar roofs and human-made fibre yarn.
Adrenalin Partners With Vantage Circle To Enhance Employee Experience
New Delhi, India, February 2, 2022 : Adrenalin eSystems Limited, a cloud-based HRM software business announced a strategic partnership with Vantage Circle, a leading global AI-empowered employee engagement solution.
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