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Academy LMS

The Academy LMS is more than just a Learning Management System – it’s a multi-award winning social learning platform built to get the most from your employees and turn them into learning superheroes!

Below is why Cisco, EE, Flight Centre and many more chose the Academy LMS to revolutionise their Learning & Development!

– Gamification – learners need an excuse to stick around. Gamification takes the elements that make people want to play games and it applies them in an online learning experience. These ‘game mechanics’ include; levels – to add meaning to the learner’s journey, badges – to reward them for their achievements and leaderboards – to leverage the power of competitiveness.

– Epic Meaning is generated whenever learners feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves. By ensuring that your platform reflects your company vision, values and overall brand, you’re helping learners to understand that they’re not just developing themselves professionally, they’re working together to achieve important goals! That’s why we’ve included a treasure-trove of customisation options for the Academy LMS!

– Most of what we learn at work doesn’t come from manuals or instructional content – we learn it from those around us. Social learning brings everyone together, creating a learning community and unlocking the potential for behavioural and cultural change. With the Academy LMS, you can also.

– What good is learner activity if you can’t report on it? The Academy LMS’s Reporting Suite gives you access to all the data you need (and data you weren’t even aware that you needed!).

– Launching a new Learning Management System should be exciting, not stressful! Make the transition as smooth as possible by integrating your learning platform with your existing systems.

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