Learning & Development (LMS)

    A complete learning experience

    Cornerstone LMS software brings together learning, growth, skills, and capabilities into a personalized experience for everyone.

    Learning powers the future-ready workforce

    Scalable learning

    Provide your people with virtual and in-person instructor-led training sessions, eLearning, and playlists that work for organizations of all sizes.

    Personalized for learners

    Create or connect to expertly curated content and build flexible learning spaces that drive engagement.

    Foster self-driven growth

    Empower your people to learn with AI-recommended content and insights on how to grow their careers.

    Learning insights

    Connect people-growth and organizational success using reports for individual learning, teams, and skills.

    Grow your people and business more effectively

    One unified platform

    Consolidate to a single system for automating assignments and providing completion records and version control and auditing in multiple languages. Use the integrated purpose-built AI to guide, curate, and customize a personal learning experience for each of your people.

    Enable learning anywhere

    Empower your people to learn anytime, anywhere with the Cornerstone iOS and Android mobile apps and integrated enterprise and partner apps.



    Gain actionable insights

    Proactively deliver high-quality learning at scale to your people. Gain full visibility into your training initiative with built-in dashboards, custom reports, and real-time analytics.


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    Cornerstone Xplor

    Inspired talent leads the future

    Motivate your people with a personalized, purpose-driven growth experience that inspires with Cornerstone Xplor.

    Adapt, grow, and succeed together

    All-in-one system of learning
    Build a skills-powered learning experience that connects people to content and opens opportunities.

    Automating self-directed growth
    Create self-driven learning and growth experiences based on goals, skills, and connections.

    Better skill building
    Connect your people with new growth opportunities and a path to success that’s unique to them.

    Employee experience focused
    Develop personal experiences to improve the employee journey at your organization with intelligently built technology.

    Achieve extraordinary outcomes

    Curated, personalized content

    Better guide your people through self-development when you automatically identify skills and connect them to relevant training content. Your content can even integrate with productivity tools like Microsoft Teams.

    Connect skills to career paths

    Help learners identify pathways for advancement and the content they need to reach their career goals. They can then explore and skills-match with new roles and connect with mentors.


    Implementation with Skills Graph

    Skills Graph sources, cleans, and filters over 3 billion unique skills globally and across languages, specialties, and industries.


    A “just for me” experience

    Curate learning and content recommendations for every employee based on their skills, progression, interest, and career goals.

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