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Lumesse Talent Management Suite Enables Employees to Navigate Their Own Career Paths.

Posted 22nd August 2017

Lumesse Talent Management Suite Enables Employees to Navigate Their Own Career Paths.

ETWebTM empower takes a people centric approach, providing employees total transparency toward career paths, tailored learning opportunities and matching to available roles.

AUSTIN, TEXAS – July 26, 2017 – Lumesse, an international talent management software specialist, today announced the latest version of ETWebTM empower, a talent management suite designed to overcome today’s most-pressing talent-related challenges: disengagement and attrition.

With employee attrition on the rise, and a startling one-third of employees leaving within the first six months, it is crucial to treat your employees like customers and continuously nurture them in positive and productive ways that go beyond typical rewards and compensation.

“If opportunities aren’t made available to them, if they feel disengaged or their career is stagnating, they will seek opportunities outside the organization,” says Diane Palmquist, Lumesse U.S. company manager. “Lumesse ETWebTM empower provides employees with transparency into corporate goals, continuous feedback toward expectations, and access to interactive learning and development and collaborative projects so your people can direct their own paths.”

A software as a service (SaaS) solution, ETWebTM empower equips organizations with the easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use tools and framework to engage, develop and motivate employees in alignment with career and company goals. An “engaged workforce” is logically and statistically a more productive one and Lumesse facilitates this correlation by providing the environment in which to ensure continuous performance management and feedback, as well as stimulate dialogue, collaboration and self-directed learning and development (L&D).

A number of digital age factors have contributed toward employee attrition including social networking and easier visibility into outside job opportunities. Meanwhile, the gig economy and Millennial mind-set have made it more fashionable for employees to switch jobs every couple of years. Traditional performance management practices, such as annual review and compensation, can no longer adequately address these costly talent-attrition threats, and a number of prominent Fortune 500 firms and analysts have discarded or cast scepticism on these approaches. Continuous performance management, including embedded continuous feedback, has taken over as a better way to retain, encourage and mobilize talent toward company success.

ETWebTM empower links your employee and contractor database, employee portal, L&D programs, performance management system, succession plans and rewards and compensation to the corporate plan, all within an integrated, mobile-supported toolset. This allows employees and their managers to continuously track status and make progress toward career development and corporate goals.

The new release bolsters ETWebTM empower’s already strong performance management features of goal tracking and alignment so managers and employees can collaborate on a regular basis to supplement or replace the more traditional quarterly or annual performance management process. ETWebTM empower’s Career Navigator feature gives the employee transparency into what career paths within the company exist, and what he or she needs to learn or develop for that role. Meanwhile, HR can view employee preferences and search specific talent pools to find and select the best candidate who fits the position.

Hundreds of organizations across the world use Lumesse ETWeb to meet their talent management needs, while approximately 20 customers, including Rheinmetall, Döhler, Citycon and BIA Group, have already adopted the latest version, ETWebTM empower.

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