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HireVue Launches Digital Assessments To Turn Hiring Process Into Experience Candidates Love

Posted 22nd December 2016

HireVue Launches Digital Assessments To Turn Hiring Process Into Experience Candidates Love


“HireVue has brought much needed structure, data and consistency to the interview experience and now we’re bringing a new level of assessment science to it,” said Mark Newman, founder and CEO, HireVue. “Many assessments used today were created 50 years ago and deployed to make up for terrible interviewing processes. Their methodologies may be sound, but the candidate experience is no longer relevant. With HireVue Digital Assessments, we’ve married deep machine learning with Industrial Organizational Psychology to offer a faster, more modern and mobile hiring experience for companies and candidates that we feel is second to none.”

The best candidates are off the market within 10 days.1 Yet, it takes most companies an average of 60 days to fill a job opening. HireVue Digital Assessments allow companies to collapse the assessment and interview into just one step, accelerating recruiting from weeks to just days. HireVue Digital Assessments capture thousands of attributes within a short 10-15 minute video interaction that uses HireVue Insights to analyze audio, video and text that is then mapped and validated directly against business outcomes.

HireVue Digital Assessments provide the predictive accuracy and quality of a validated assessment with just 3-6 open-ended, digital video questions focused on job requirements. HireVue’s team of experienced Industrial Organizational Psychologists work with organizations to build custom interview content correlated to key performance metrics or can use a company’s own content or content from HireVue’s assessment partners. HireVue’s Digital Assessment solution then combines the content with machine learning and data science from HireVue Insights to extract and understand behavioral attribute patterns derived from a structured digital interview.

Dr. Nathan Mondragon, who formerly held Chief Industrial Organizational Psychologist roles with both Oracle and Taleo, recently joined HireVue as Chief IO Psychologist. Mondragon commented, “Traditional assessments, such as the multiple choice test, are ill-fated for the candidate and company alike and ripe for disruption. HireVue Digital Assessments help companies better predict important job and organizational outcomes via a more simple, powerful and efficient candidate experience.”

1. SOURCE: OfficeVibe

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