How AI and machine learning will impact HR practices

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Over the last few years, AI has brought about significant change to multiple industries and HR is not far behind. The advancements in AI HR solutions has enabled organizations to increase productivity and boost employee engagement. There are numerous ways in which AI is changing the HR landscape:

  • By automating some of the routine tasks, AI is allowing HR departments to function efficiently and allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks. Time and physical presence often prove to be challenges for an HR department and AI HR Solutions are the answer to that.
  • It is rightly said, an organization is only as good as its employees. One of the core tasks of an HR department is to stay plugged in the employees and boost motivation with rewards & recognition, appraisals etc. With the help of AI in HR, employers can access smarter analytics thereby enabling them to have a detailed view of each employee. AI is also a great tool in sourcing the right talent. AI tools for recruiting allow companies to search basis various parameters and find candidates that are the perfect fit for the organization. AI recruiting softwares are the future of hiring and changing the way employers and talent is matched.
  • AI and Machine learning in HR help companies do a fair evaluation of employees and thereby reduce bias. It also allows hiring to be free of prejudice and this eventually leads to better operations and in turn, company success.
  • The modern workspace is constantly evolving and both employers and employees need to constantly stay at the top of their game to be relevant. With the help of AI powered HR tools, organizations can intelligently suggest programs that employees can adopt in order to enhance skills and be a greater asset to the organization.
  • AI tools for HR are imperative in building an effective organization vertically. By analytically monitoring employees, these tools enable companies to choose ideal leaders and build an effective organization that is led by the most deserving candidates.

One of the most common misconceptions is that AI and Machine Learning will put HR professionals out of work. What needs to be kept in mind is that technology and human intervention when put together can create an effective system that can greatly enhance productivity. We are not looking towards a dystopian future, but rather one of significant technological evolution.

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