Five steps to ensure that recruiting is as successful as possible.

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In Aberdeen’s recent study, Lumesse addressed how organizations can make better, more informed hiring decisions by empowering workforce developers (or hiring managers), recruitment marketers (or recruiters), and brand ambassadors (or employees) to collaborate, communicate, and handle their own responsibilities via a robust talent management suite with a good recruitment software as a part of it.  A well-defined hiring team is a great step toward recruiting more successfully. But hiring teams also need the right technology and resources to truly reach such a recruitment zenith. In order to elevate hiring, smart organizations need to implement the following:

  • To begin with, every aspect of the process should be simple and pain-free. Updated talent management solutions and performance management systems can help with that. Best-in-Class companies get that and are 30% more likely than All Others to invest in new technology to make recruitment more engaging for all. Everyone’s user experience should be simple, modern, and configurable. That goes double for workforce developers if you’re looking for their ongoing usage.
  • Mobile accessibility and connectivity for everyone, namely workforce developers and recruitment marketers. Mobile is necessary to ensure top talent isn’t lost because of time elapsed or missed communication. Top companies are 14% more likely than All Others to prioritize investment in mobile technologies for the hiring team. Decisions on the go.
  • Social connectivity is imperative throughout the process for all parties, for the hiring team and candidates alike. Case in point, Best-in-Class firms are 2.5 times more likely than All Others to integrate employee referral programs with social media websites. A majority of businesses rely on their own employees’ referrals to capitalize on their networks.
  • Talent communities are a necessity for interaction with candidates. Recruiters and hiring managers should feel like they can participate, but most of the content should be from employees, and the interactions should be between candidates and brand ambassadors. Best-in-Class companies grasp how helpful talent communities are; in fact, they are 2.4 times more likely than All Others to use such resources to reach candidates.
  • Last but not least, collaboration must be top of mind. It does wonders for making superior hiring decisions. It’s also invaluable for satisfaction. In fact, businesses that enable hiring teams to collaborate on candidates are 1.95 times as likely as All Others to have a higher rate of hiring manager satisfaction and customer satisfaction.

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